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Ideal Beach Community Association

IBCA Committees ​

Volunteers needed!
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  Beautification CommitteeAssist in minor plantings, watering, flower containers, & Roosevelt Park upkeep.

  Joe Heitmann (Chair), Sandra Vazquez, Howard Moore, Jack LeRoy, Keith Rescorl, Kathy Howard, Greta Siwiec, Lisa Cordova
  Events Committee - Assist in the planning, organization, and actively participate in community events.

  Lisa Cordova (Chair),  Sandra Vazquez, Greta Siwiec, Howard Moore, Jack LaRoy, Kathy Howard, Joe Heitmann

  Fundraising CommitteeAssist in fundraising activates, reaching out to potential donors, & developing creative fundraising ideas

  Sandra Vazquez (Chair), Lisa Cordova, Joe Heitmann, Jack LaRoy, Howard Moore, Kathy Howard, Maureen Winski, Allyson Cinquegrana, Emily Czechowski
  Historical Committee - Assist in the collection, maintenance, recording of Ideal Beach memorabilia, & participate at Ideal Beach Historical Events. 

  Greta Siwiec (Chair), Sandra Vazquez

  Neighborhood Watch CommitteeAssist in re-energizing program, block captains, newsletter. 

  Greta Siwiec (Chair)
  Senior Citizen Neighbor helping Neighbor - Help Ideal Beach Seniors in yard cleanup, providing rides, minor snow shoveling, and other small request.

 Joe Heitmann (Chair) Jack LaRoy, Howard Moore, Keith Rescorl