Officers of the Ideal Beach Community Association

  IBCA Officers

Holly Morgan, President - 17 year resident

Jack LeRoy, Vice President, Recording Secretary, & Trustee - 47 year resident

Sandra Vazquez, Corresponding Secretary - 26 Year resident

Kathy Howard, Treasurer - 37 year resident

Jon Morgan, Trustee - 17 year resident

Maureen Winski, Trustee - 28 year resident​


If you live in the Ideal Beach Community you are a part of the association.
There are no fees or sign up cost.
Attend Monthly Meetings ∙ Volunteer ∙ Support us in Spirit and Financially
 Let's accomplish great things in your community together!​

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501C-3 Non-Profit Organization

​​​   Dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community and celebrating progress together  

​​Ideal Beach Community Association

The Ideal Beach Community Association was created in 2009 to protect, improve, and preserve all that is great about living in the Ideal Beach Neighborhood of North Middletown.  

The officers of the IBCA are resident volunteers.

An annual is election is held and is open to all the residents of the ideal beach community. 

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