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  • IBCA Officer Election process begins in September
    • Trustee and Officer positions up for election
    • Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Volunteer needed for 2019

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Thank you to those that attended our 2018 Kick off Meeting!  For those of you that couldn't attend, here is a copy of our power point presentation!​

2018 Kick Off Meeting Presentation.pdf

Congratulations Ashley D'Altilio!
Ashley is the recipient of the 2nd IBCA
"My Neighborhood" $1,000 Scholarship

Thanks to all that attended.  It was an incredible community gathering!

2018 Clean Ocean Sweeps & IBCA Bake Sale

"I take tremendous pride in where I grew up. Being blocks away from Ideal Beach in a close-knit community absolutely shaped the person I have become today."

"I believe the best way to make a change in life is to stand up and take action. I love my community and I always wanted to find a way to give back to it. Being my family is full of firefighters and I practically grew up in the firehouse, I decided when I turned 14 years old that I 
would join my local fire company, East Keansburg Fire Company #1 right on Thompson Avenue"

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​​​​​​If you live in the Ideal Beach Community

you are a part of the association.
No Fees or sign up costs.​​​

Next IBCA Community Meeting

Tuesday, September 11th - 7 PM

Tonya Keller Community Center

 50 Bray Avenue

September IBCA Community Meeting:​

  • Township Roundtable Overview
  • How you can volunteer!
  • Meet the new Community Relations Officer


Board Meeting, 7/23/18,  7:30 pm

NW Community Meeting 10/9, 7 pm


​​Ideal Beach Community Association